Introducing IntakeIQ: Great products made with great partners.
3 min readApr 10, 2023


Harbr IntakeIQ is developed in partnership with secured finance professionals Asset Commercial Credit.

Harbr and Asset Commercial Credit have announced their partnership in developing a cutting-edge product for asset-based lenders and factoring businesses, IntakeIQ. This innovative machine learning and AI-powered tool is a game-changer for secured finance organizations who want to streamline their sales qualification process and enhance their underwriting capabilities using advanced smart intake forms.

IntakeIQ can be easily integrated into any website with a simple two-line script, enabling all lenders to access its real-time data extraction capabilities. It extracts applicant data from documents and files, providing a comprehensive qualification analysis for intake sales processes. Creditworthiness, payments, legal events data such as UCC filings, tax liens, bankruptcies, judgments, suits, and other negative information about the prospect and their debtors are provided in an instant, allowing purchasers and lenders to make informed decisions.

IntakeIQ’s advanced military-grade confidential compute security measures are exclusive to the secured finance industry, providing peace of mind to purchasers and lenders who are handling sensitive information. The tool ensures that all information remains confidential and secure from end to end, a promise that cannot be matched by any other similar origination platforms.

The partnership between Harbr and Asset Commercial Credit brings Asset’s extensive experience in solving clients’ funding needs and factoring since 1998 to the table. Asset Commercial Credits’ leadership team has originated over 5,000 business loans within their careers and is responsible for financing more than 1 billion dollars to support business growth. This wealth of experience and expertise has been leveraged to develop a product that addresses the pain points and challenges faced by purchasers and lenders in the secured finance industry.

IntakeIQ developed by Harbr and Asset Commercial Credit is a cutting-edge product that is set to revolutionize the asset-based lending and factoring industries. Its innovative features, including real-time data extraction and advanced security measures, will enable lenders to make more informed decisions about their applicants and streamline their intake processes. With over 100 years of experience and expertise backing this product, lenders can rest assured that they are investing in a tool that has been developed with their specific needs in mind.

Harbr’s announcement means that they are expanding the availability of their closed beta testing program, which now offers unrestricted access and usage of IntakeIQ and the Beta API. To find out more about the beta program, please click here.

Harbr IntakeIQ now available for invite-only beta.
Snapshot decisioning data build directly into IntakeIQ as a customizable API response for real-time sales qualification workflows.
Similarly, the applicant's debtors also produce a Snapshot decisioning data API response. Helping to build a far broader picture of the applicant's qualifications.
By default, IntakeIQ integrates into your sales team’s email workflow. All data is stored securely in your team OneDrive authenticated by Microsoft SSO. Data is never exposed in plaintext to Harbr or its partners, secured by Cape Privacy.
IntakeIQ + Microsoft lets you seamlessly automate more of your processes.

A friend of Asset Commercial Credit is a friend of Harbr.

As a special guest of Asset Commercial Credit, you’re invited to join the pre-launch beta which gives you unlimited access. Click here to sign up.



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