Harbr Innovation Partners & Early Adopters

In just 6 short months, Harbr has gained impressive traction thanks to strategic early adopters and partnerships with innovative organizations. Partnerships include organizations within the insurance, legal, quantity and payment certification, restoration, general construction and property development sectors. Working with companies such as Killam REIT, Lindsay Construction, McInnes Cooper, Paul Davis, Foresight Atlantic and Halifax Partnership, among others.

Harbr was one of eight companies who were selected across Canada to participate in the Station Fintech Accelerator program in partnership with Finance Montréal and Highline Beta. All participating companies were selected because they aim to help make the Payments ecosystem faster, safer and more reliable.

Harbr’s software greatly improves source data collection that is required for verifying progress, quantity, and quality of the physical construction work. Its technology leverages basic text-message paired with Natural Language Processing and AI techniques to create a novel solution to a long-standing challenge.

“Around 72% of contractors look for working capital financing and are typically faced with unfair and expensive factoring options, often in excess of 16% effective interest rates. We don’t think that’s a fair and sustainable solution. ” says Harbr Co-Founder & CEO, Dave Kim.

Harbr is now in open beta and accepting new innovation partners into the program! If you want to be a beta tester or just learn more about what we do, reach us at team@harbr.com

Harbr Innovation Partners:

  • Killam Apartment REIT
  • The Shaw Group
  • Lindsay Construction
  • Paul Davis
  • NSLC
  • McInnes Cooper
  • Foresight Atlantic
  • Cooke Insurance
  • Armco Capital
  • Kiel Developments
  • Golf Town
  • PledgX
  • Bowers Construction
  • Halifax Partnership
  • PayPrompt
  • Hartie Properties
  • Floors Plus Commercial
  • PMco
  • Iron Dog
  • Marchand Homes
  • ZZAP
  • Cresco
  • Zum Rails

Harbr analyzes live performance data for the construction industry.

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Harbr Inc.

Harbr Inc.

Harbr analyzes live performance data for the construction industry.

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