Harbr + FinTech Sandbox: Accelerating innovation with expanded access to financial data.

2 min readMar 22, 2023

Harbr.com, an AI-based data platform for secured finance, has recently announced its partnership with Fintech Sandbox, providing Harbr with access to data and resources to accelerate innovation in financial services.

Harbr helps secured finance companies make smarter funding decisions with AI-powered origination. Harbr is currently working with beta customers to develop an embeddable smart application process to speed up origination decisioning for Asset-based Lending and Factoring use cases.

Learn more about the Beta here: https://www.harbr.com/_beta/

The partnership will enable Harbr to leverage Fintech Sandbox’s extensive data library, which includes a wide range of financial and economic data sets from industry-leading providers. By accessing these data sets, Harbr.com will be able to enhance its data validation and decisioning snapshot capabilities, providing its clients with even more accurate and reliable insights.

In addition to data access, Harbr will also benefit from Fintech Sandbox’s network of industry experts and mentors, who will provide guidance and support as the company continues to grow and innovate.

“We’re thrilled to be joining Fintech Sandbox and to have access to their vast data library and network of industry experts,” said Harbr.com CEO, Dave Kim. “This partnership will help us continue to enhance our AI-based platform and provide our clients with the most advanced and reliable data insights available.”

For Fintech Sandbox, the partnership represents another milestone in its mission to support fintech startups and drive innovation in financial services. “We’re excited to welcome Harbr.com to our community of startups,” said Kelly Fryer, Executive Director of Fintech Sandbox. “Their AI-based platform is an exciting addition to the fintech ecosystem, and we look forward to supporting their growth and success.”

The partnership between Harbr and Fintech Sandbox is a positive development for the fintech industry, as it brings together two innovative organizations focused on driving change and innovation in financial services. As Harbr.com continues to expand its capabilities and grow its client base, its partnership with Fintech Sandbox will provide valuable resources and support to help fuel its success.




Harbr provides AI-based document evaluation, data extraction, and decisioning insights as a fully protected integrated service.