Harbr builds approval systems and payment facilitation for the commercial construction ecosystem. We think in terms of vertically integrated, wholistic product development that helps to not only streamline operations but also grow the businesses of our clients and users. This is a tough challenge for the right kind of product-minded back-end developer and front-end developer.

We are a venture-backed company with our HQ in

Halifax, Canada. We rely on the Build-Measure-Learn methodology of product development.

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HIPP, a unique approach to working with existing and new customers to build a network and community of construction experts who embrace technology and innovative opportunities. Working as an innovation partner allows you to test and use Harbr to your advantage.

We focus on processes to allow money to flow…

There are a ton of acronyms flying around in our homes, on social media, our workplaces and even on the construction site. …

As I reflect on the theme for International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge, I am proud to say that our team supports the movement towards a gender equal world. We celebrate the women in our business today, and realize that everyone plays a part in closing the gap of inequality. …

Prompt Payments in Construction

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Getting paid in the construction industry isn’t that easy. It’s not as simple as submitting an invoice, and then getting paid. There can be a lot of back and forth, confusion and waiting.

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Every year thousands of construction businesses go bankrupt due to the snowball effect of late and delayed payments. According to in just 2 years there was a decrease in companies at roughly 30%. There is absolutely nothing easy when it comes to getting paid in this industry. It is…

Let Harbr Assist do the work.

Text Message!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that you can now add multiple photos to your project tasks with Harbr Assist. Harbr Assist uses one of the most basic features on any mobile device, text message!

You can now text photos and update progress with Harbr Assist. We know it isn’t easy for subcontractors to update apps and learn new software but with Harbr Assist technology they don’t have to. Update percent complete and photos using the power of text message and each input is tied directly to your project schedule!

To learn more and get setup with your own project, contact

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The construction industry seems to always be up against unique challenges, it always has. It is common to run into challenges and changes before a project has even broken ground. This is despite the fact that projects are usually planned well in advance with a great detail.

With a slew…

There is not a visitor or worker on a construction site that you won’t see wearing one of these, a hard hat! If you haven’t worn one, they are actually very fun to wear. Light in weight, there is a special crank including that adjusts to your head size, ensuring it is snug to your head for safety. Hard hats protect from falling objects, debris and head injuries.

DID YOU KNOW: A 100 years ago — in 1919 — Edward W. Bullard invented the hard hat, which today is one of the most recognized safety products in the world and is responsible for saving thousands of lives over the past century.

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Barbara Kavovit, CEO Evergreen Construction

Barbara Kavovit is the CEO of Evergreen Construction. Some of you may recognize her from popular reality TV sh ow the Real Housewives of NYC.

Barbara has faced her share of challenges working in a male-dominated field. “Ten percent of the industry’s workforce throughout the country was female in 2018…

Harbr Inc.

Harbr analyzes live performance data for the construction industry.

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